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Shine Bright Trading Pty Ltd

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Shine Bright Trading is an international trading company that specializes in the trading of bulk agricultural commodities. We are always eager to develop new trading partners, while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships we have already established in international trade markets.

We possess the global strength to both sell and purchase a wide variety of agricultural import and export products by having affiliated offices positioned throughout the world.

Our expert trading teams have many years of experience sourcing products from a variety of international origins and finding the lowest prices.

  • Many of our traders are native to the countries with which we have business relationships, allowing them to have a better knowledge of the client’s specific country and needs. They communicate fluently in over 10 languages.
  • We have also become experts at the logistics involved with land and ocean shipments and will arrange for the movement of the product so that you can focus on your own business.
  • We offer both containerized and break bulk shipments in a range of packaging options.
  • Delivering personal service through coordinated teamwork is the backbone of our sales commitment.
  • Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every stage of the process as we coordinate the movement and international delivery of trade products from one side of the globe to the other.

As an extension of our service, we contract with growers and producers in Southern Africa to produce grain and pulse crops.

We oversee the process from the field to its final destination, guaranteeing quality control and making sure our clients receive a good price.

World trade commodity markets are constantly changing. We are in tune with the trends, keep our clients informed of them and adapt the way we source product in response to these changes. We are a solutions based organization whose business is built on our trading partner’s continued trust and support..

  1. Dairy Product
  2. Pulses
  3. Edible Oil
  4. Rice
  5. Tomato Paste
  6. Sugar
  7. Meat
  8. products such as
  9. petroleum products
  10. plant and animal oil
  11. beans
  12. fresh fruits
  13. vegetables
  14. canned food
  15. grains
  16. nuts and kernels
  17. vegetable cooking oils
  18. seeds
  19. organic foods
  20. beverages
  21. chemicals
  22. pesticides
  23. fertilizers
  24. beauty and personal care
  25. farming tools
  26. eggs
  27. biodiesel oil
  28. cotton products
  29. animal feed
  30. sea food
  31. aluminum cathodes
  32. pet flakes/bottles
  33. waste papers
  34. Used news papers
  35. Meat
  36. frozen foods
  37. chicken feed
  38. dairy products/milk powder worldwide

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