100% High Quality Refined Sunflower Oil

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Company Name: Ordem Tarim Urunleri Co.Ltd

Ordem Tarim Urunleri Co.Ltd Deals in differnt types of energy drinks and Agriculture products.

Quantity: in-stock

Product Origin: Turkey

Product Status: New

Payment Modes: bank, money order

Other Products we deal in: energy drinks, copper , sunflower oil and others

We have branches in over 5 countries is the world with Poland, Germany and Greece as examples. This is a Trading company with a wide range of eatables.. We specialize in Agricultural and Beverages other related Products for many years. We have our own farm bases, processing factory and warehouses. Therefore, higher quality, competitive price and timely shipment can be obtained easily. We deal in international products such as, citrus fruits , canned foods, milk powder, energy drinks, soft drinks, we are looking for long term serious costumers which we can be in long time contract, please contact

Physical Characteristics

A- Sedimentation at 40 oC : Clear

B- Relative Density

(20 oC / 20 oC water ) : 0.914 to 0.923

C- Refractive Index 40 oC : 1.4610 to 1.4710

D- Moisture and Volatile Matter at 105 oC % : 0.1 max.

E- Colour (Lovibond 51/4 cell) : 1.1 Red to 11 Yellow max.

Chemical Characteristics

A- Free Fatty Acids ( as oleic ) % : 0.10 max.

B- Soap Content ( Sodium Oleate ) % : 0.000

C- Peroxide Value ( Meq/kg) : 1.0 max.

D- Iodine Value (wijs method) : 94 to 141

E- Saponification Value : 188 to 194

F- Unsaponifiable Matter % : 1.5 max.

Myristic < 1

Palmitic 4 to7,6

Palmitoleic < 0,3

Stearic 2,1to6,5

Package in 1lt, 1.8L,2lt, 3L, 4.5L and 5L pet bottles, 20L Jerry can and in 4lt, 5lt, 10lt and 18lt tin cans. and Based on Customers request

For further details on energy drinks, please send us the inquiry.

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Yunus Keskin
Company Name
Ordem Tarim Urunleri Co.Ltd
Turkey Turkey
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101-500 People
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