Researches On Work Of Ftm Saw Dust Pellet Machine

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Sawdust pellet mill is an important machine to produce the biomass fodders. With remarkable features of high nutritional level, easy storage and convenient transportation, biomass fodders can be widely used for industries like animal husbandry, poultry farming and fishery. Along with the adjustment on economic structure, fodder enterprises in China develop vigorously.

saw dust pellet machine

Since biomass pellets are featured in the high economic value and good palatability, they are regarded as the top choice for feeding animal husbandry. In China, researches on the sawdust pellet mill start from several aspects and levels. What’s more, these researches are quite fruitful to improve the quality of biomass pellets, productivity of sawdust pellet mill as well as service life of ring die and press roller. 

Indexes to evaluate the quality of biomass pellets generally include the hardness, surface finish, pulverulent ratio and water resistance. These indexes are easy to be influenced by factors like product formula, physicochemical property, modulating effect, curing degree, working parameters of sawdust pellet mill and cooling effect.

Quality of biomass pellets is mostly dependent on the pelletizing performance of raw materials. As to the pelletizing performance of raw materials, it refers to the difficult degree of pelletizing work. In general, greater the pelletizing performance of raw materials, better the quality of biomass pellets. Only from the angle of raw materials, contents of protein, fat, fiber, starch and water content in raw materials are key factors to influence the quality of biomass pellets.

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