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Oct 16th,2014 08:12 AM
Health Benefits of Zeolites  zeolitePost Reply
There are so many products in the world which are beneficial for the health point of view and other purposes but unfortunately we (consumers) are unaware about their benefits. Zeolite, a hard rock type mineral is one of those products. Zeolites rarely demanded in open market are used in purifying water, and manufacturing of detergents. Most of the zeolites are found when volcanoes erupt in the hilly areas of any part of the world. Zeolites powder is one of the main products that has a good demand throughout the world that’s why that world trade community always look for the best Zeolites powder exporters to cater the demand of their local community. Zeolites powder contains potassium, calcium and other minerals and is advised by the health practitioners to save ailing community from various diseases including blood pressure, sugar and cancer. It is also being used for improving the quality of soil before farming of any product in the agriculture fields.

Zeolites are also being used in recycling of various chemicals in different industries for removal of smell from those chemicals. Gas absorption is another process where zeolites come to play and this hard rock-type mineral has a lot importance when you need to remove toxin from water. Zeolites are mostly used to purify water in water aquariums and remove presence of ammonia to save fish from various diseases.

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